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handyLock 1.2.10

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handyLock-v1.2.10.zip | 1.09 MB

Release DateOctober 27, 2016
Operating SystemsOS X

Netputing Systems


Publisher's Description

handyLock is an application that locks your Mac screen when you move away from it. This way your Mac is safe and secured from unauthorized access. This is very convenient if you want to prevent access by kids, co-workers or others when you slip away to grab a coffee, a drink or take a bio break.

It accomplishes this by pairing a Bluetooth device like your iPhone with your Mac and sensing when this device is getting out of range. As a result your screen will be locked until you move back in range of your Mac. At that point it will unlock on its own. Almost magical!

You don’t have an iPhone? No problem. If you have a Bluetooth® enabled Blackberry, iPad, iPod, it will also work! How cool!

Pair your bluetooth device
Pair your bluetooth device