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TipTyper 2.7

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TipTyper-2.7.dmg | 1.75 MB

Release DateNovember 5, 2016
Operating SystemsOS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12



Publisher's Description

TipTyper is an plain text editor I have made after getting frustrated with TextEdit, mainly regarding copy/paste functionalities. It counts lines, characters and words, can display invisible charactes (such as space and new line), has full-screen and retina support and many other features.

The features include:

  • Lines display (hideable, ⌘L).
  • Words counter (hideable, ⌘D).
  • Display invisible characters feature (⌘I).
  • Go to Line feature (⌘⇧L).
  • Customizable Toolbar with multiple useful buttons.
  • Automatic Tabs insertion feature to make coding easier. (Disabled by default)
  • Adjustable Tab size.
  • Smart indentation algorithm, supporting loose, selected and multiple selected blocks of text
  • Editor Margin feature, available from the Toolbar.
  • Characters counter.
  • True Full-Screen support.
  • Retina screen ready.
  • Support for dictation and speech.
  • Spell check and grammar.
  • Customisable editor font, background and text color, and text size. File versioning support.
  • Automatic update checker and downloader
TipTyper being used as plain-text editor.
TipTyper being used as plain-text editor.
TipTyper being used as code editor.
TipTyper being used as code editor.
Preferences window
Preferences window