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Publisher's Description

Tack App by StoAmigo is a lightweight software application that lets you select any drive (internal or external) on your computer or Android device and make it accessible on the cloud. This selected drive is now considered “tacked” to your StoAmigo account. Your tacked drive is never uploaded to the cloud, so your files remain safely hosted on your device.

Your tacked drive becomes cloud accessible through the StoAmigo user interface, enabling you to utilize all the powerful features of a leading cloud storage platform, while negating the need to upload or transfer your digital content to the cloud. Once a drive is tacked, it is available to you from any device that can access your StoAmigo Storage account.

Unlike other cloud storage providers we don’t provide limits on how much you’re able to access online. You’re only limited by the space on your drive or device, whether it’s 16GB, 500GB, or 5TB you can access it all. You no longer need to use multiple cloud storage providers to access all your files and you no longer need to buy a NAS device. With Tack App, you can access, stream and share all your files directly from your computer.

Using the Tack App on both your Android device(s) and your PC/Mac quickly and easily unifies all your devices, allowing you to move pictures, songs, videos and other files between your devices with ease.