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Release DateApril 14, 2016
SubcategoryRole Playing
Operating SystemsOS X


Publisher's Description

Once you've created your account and logged into the game for the first time you'll be taken to Ashdale where all new players begin their journey. Ashdale is a guided tutorial where various characters and tutors will walk you through a series of tasks. These tasks will introduce you to each area of the game, giving you specific and optional things to do.

Before you start the tutorial, you may wish to familiarise yourself with the controls of the game. The controls and actions pages describe how to interact with RuneScape itself and the characters and other players in it.

As you are taken through the tutorial you will see two types of notification. The first is a task interface that appears at the top left-hand corner of your screen. This will tell you what you are supposed to be doing at the current section of the tutorial.

The second is the information interface that will provide hints as to what you should be doing.

If you get stuck at any point during the tutorial, though realistically you shouldn't have any problems, there is a walkthrough available.

Once you've completed the tutorial, you'll find yourself in Taverley where you are free to make your own way in the world. Theworld and mini maps will help you find your way around.

If the world seems a bit too big, and you need a bit more guidance however, take a look at the path system which will take you through some activites and quests to give you an idea of what to do in RuneScape.