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Quickfire 1.21.8

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Quickfire_v1.21.8.zip | 4.81 MB

Release DateNovember 17, 2016
Operating SystemsOS X



Publisher's Description

Quickfire isn't a catalogue or library - like iPhoto or iTunes - it's just a well featured viewer.

Videos are added to playlists by dragging them onto the interface, where they can be ordered, sorted searched, and moved between playlists.  

Double clicking a movie launches the viewer. While playing videos, floating panels can be opened to give you more features if you need them...

Colour correction - grade each movie independently.

Drawing - draw directly onto each frame of a video.

Notes - add typed notes to each movie and save the notes to file.

Bookmarks - bookmark frames in a video, then easily jump between bookmarks later. 

Viewer options - masking, frame counter, timecode, change frame rate, flip/flop, and more...

Playlist drawer - easily jump between movies in your playlist using cursor keys or clicking the list.