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Operating SystemsOS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11


Publisher's Description

PhoneClean is one place for all your iPhone cleaning, maintaining and privacy protecting needs. It brings you the new iPhone, iPad experience that you will appreciate every day.

Silent Clean

Silent Clean starts your iPhone cleaning from the first step you enter home. It's Hands-free and brings Zero-interruption to your life, which means you don't have to connect your USB cable, turn on PhoneClean, you even have no need to push one finger tap, since everything gets done like nothing has happened.

Quick Clean

Quick Clean in PhoneClean 4 gets evolved with simplicity and intelligence. It knows exactly what files are useless and how to cut them out with safely. Check out the list below to find what kinds of junk PhoneClean will help you delete.

Internet Clean

Surfing online with Safari should be safe and private. However, the smarter your Safari is, the more privacy you may compromise. Internet Clean is simple to use and casts full protection upon your Internet browsing privacy. Check the items below to find out what info Internet Clean will help you clear.

Privacy Clean

Not all your personal information is OK to get exposed to others. Privacy Clean is made to maintain your iPhone privacy and protect you from prying eyes. It's so far the most complete and in-depth iPhone privacy protecting solution that helps you clear your Call Histories, Message, Note, Voicemail and even these associated attachments.

System Clean

System Clean gives you remarkable boost-up on your iPhone and iPad, to let you handle all kinds of everyday tasks with easier. The improvements brought to your iPhone 5s or earlier model could be the essential power that makes your devices running like new.

Tool Box

Doing so many things on a handhold gadget is one of the great fortunes iPhone given. But keeping your device always well organized is another thing. With a set of iPhone tuning solutions in Tool Box, you can just focus on what you want to do, and leave anything else that disturbing and trivial to PhoneClean.


Creating backups for your iPhone and iPad will ensure the safety of your certain files and device settings. That's why we let our PhoneClean also gives you full backups prior to any cleaning action. If you have mistakenly deleted anything that are still useful, like your photos, messages of notes, then you can open PhoneClean, choose a backup point before you lose these data, and perform restore with ease.