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Manico 2.1.2

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Manico_2.1.2.dmg | 6.03 MB

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Release DateNovember 25, 2016
Operating SystemsOS X

Tualatrix Chou

Publisher's Description

Manico is a fast app launch and switch tool designed for OS X.

Manico is a very easy to use app, you can learn how to use it without any configuration and study. Just remember, when you want to switch to an app, hold the Option key and press the target number, you will be switched to the target app immediately. If this app hasn't launched yet, Manico will also launch it.

The idea of Manico comes from Ubuntu Unity desktop, if you've ever used Unity desktop and get used to the Super key feature, and want the same feature in OS X, then Manico is designed for you. This is also the initial goal why I developed Manico.

In our daily computer life, we all have some app which will be used very frequently, like Finder, Safari (or other web browser) or Terminal. Switch and use them should be direct, the traditional way of CMD+Tab should only be used when switch to the not common used apps.