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Little Flocker 1.1

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LittleFlocker-1.1.0.dmg | 4.86 MB

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Release DateNovember 12, 2016
Operating SystemsOS X 10.11, macOS 10.12

Little Flocker

Publisher's Description

Little Flocker is a utility for keeping your personal data safe from spyware, ransomware, misbehaving applications, and other common threats to your computer’s security, by preventing any application from accessing your files without explicit permission.

Little Flocker is like a firewall for your file system: It allows you to control access to your personal files and prevent unauthorized access by potentially malicious or snooping applications.


  • Real-time, aggressive protection against unauthorized access to files
  • Defend against ransomware, spyware, trojans, back doors, or other malicious programs that might attempt to steal, encrypt, or destroy your personal files
  • Monitor applications to ensure they aren’t misbehaving, and are respecting your personal privacy by staying out of files they shouldn’t be in
  • Protect your removable media (USB sticks, external hard disks, and so on) from being accessed by applications without your permission
  • Prevent unwanted network or nonconventional disk mounts
  • Selectively block unwanted AppleScript execution
  • Protect your iOS device pairing records from theft, which could otherwise allow an attacker to access content wirelessly on your iOS devices
  • A user-friendly interface to manage Little Flocker, edit rules, and receive notifications
  • “Learning Mode” that can be used to train Little Flocker for new applications, if you don’t want to click through initial popups
  • Restrictive “parental controls” options for non-admin users
  • Simple mode for non-technical users
Rules Editor
Rules Editor
Simple Mode
Simple Mode