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Eddie 3.3

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Eddie-OSX-3.3.zip | 16.18 MB

Release DateDecember 4, 2016
CategoryDeveloper Tools
Operating SystemsOS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12



Publisher's Description

Eddie is a programmer's editor for MacOSX.

Ideal for heavy-duty C++11/Obj-C development, it is just as capable at editing HTML, Swift, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Lua, Ragel or any old plain text files.

A fully native, modern Cocoa app, Eddie has speed and responsiveness in it's DNA, drawing on it's humble origins on BeOS

The Worksheet in Eddie is a full-featured shell that combines the power of Terminal with the ease of editing in a normal document. Inspired by the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop, Eddie brings some of it's revolutionary features into a modern programmer's editor.