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Cookie 5.1.3

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Operating SystemsOS X 10.11, macOS 10.12

SweetP Productions

Publisher's Description

Cookie is the ONLY cookie manager which gives you COMPLETE control over YOUR privacy.

Cookie prevents third parties from hijacking your browsing experience.

The sites you visit store "cookies" in your browser without your knowledge or consent. Some are helpful, but others are frustrating and invasive. Cookie can help.

Simple but Powerful

Simple enough for even the most technophobic computer users, yet Cookie 5 makes no compromises for power users. After a quick initial setup, Cookie 5 will protect your privacy, keeping you safe from tracking and online profiling just the way you want.

Tracking cookie detection

Advanced detection and removal of spying and tracking cookie threats. Select favorite domains for all cookie types to completely customise your browsing experience. Setup automatic removal schedules for even better peace of mind.

Secure data removal

Configure Cookie 5 to securely delete data to protect from in-house privacy concerns. Data is destroyed to US Department of Defense DoD 5220.22-M standards, making data recovery impossible.

Comprehensive cookie control

Total control over all cookie storage: HTTP cookies, Flash cookies, Silverlight, HTML5 databases, localStorage, IndexedDB as well as browser history and caches. Rest assured Cookie 5 has all your private data covered.